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Wellness and Bees, flowers, honey and surroundings. The fantastic world of bees in Trentino

A few months ago Levico Terme has become a "bee-friendly municipality", thus aligning itself with the many localities of Valsugana that already boast this important recognition as regards the protection of nature and in particular, bees.

This was the motivation that prompted us to create "tour packages" (" Chasing a bee .... (With your dog) " and in preparation , "Bees, flowers, honey and surroundings")) inspired by the magical world of bees and everything that revolves around this small pollinating insect, essential, if not indispensable, for survival on our planet.

The "flagship", to stay on the subject, of our proposal, is the incredible experience, absolutely to experience and try, to immerse yourself in a real "Bee Wellness", a connected house, in absolute safety, to 10 hives (see photo): the guest, lying on a hay mattress, will be able to listen to the buzz of the bees, smell the scents of the hive, breathing in beneficial substances. The sensation and well-being experienced is similar and comparable to that of the undertow of the sea!

In addition to the "apiary of well-being", in the first reported package, we also suggest various itineraries in the green, immersing yourself above all in the meadows and pastures that overlook Levico Terme, to discover wild flowers and plants, using a nice application that we will let you download at the hotel. A tour of Lake Levico and a visit to the large Hapsburg Park of Levico Terme are planned.

Also not to be missed is a visit to the "Honey Museum" and the "House of the bees", with the possibility of purchasing bee products, from honey to candles, from propolis to royal jelly.

The package includes the Dog Sitter service, since 90% of our customers are guests with dogs, if necessary, and always to stay on topic, you can enjoy a

thematic dinner, inspired by wild herbs, edible flowers and, of course, honey, used above all with desserts but not only.

All the places that we suggest you to reach are located at a maximum of 40 minutes by car from Levico Terme and the walks we recommend, starting from the hotel, see that of the "tour of the lake", (about two hours), as the most "demanding" from the point of view of travel time.

What are you waiting for! Go to the package " Chasing a bee .... (With your dog) " and book it: you can also find it by looking for availability on our online booking system.

We are also working on other "packages and offers" inspired by the world of bees: you can find them directly in the site's online booking system.

Walter and Lorella

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